Ghost Father



Van Nhi (Ngoc Duyen) is a young student who is short on money, so decides to work as a nanny to raise funds. She thinks she has fallen on her feet when she is hired by a rich single mother named Thanh (Phuong Anh Dao) who asks Van Nhi to move into her mansion-like house in the middle of a quiet and remote evergreen forest to take care of her young daughter Kitty. Thanh is frequently away on business trips and cannot spend much time at home. While showing Van Nhi around, Thanh explains that one of the rooms belongs – or belonged – to her husband, but seems reluctant to speak more on the matter. All seems to begin well, but at night things begin to get eerie in the big house. To make matters more unsettling, Kitty tells Van Nhi that her father comes to visit her every night to sing her a lullaby. Furthermore, Van Nhi starts to wonder if the music teacher (Dan Truong) she has a close relationship with at university is somehow related to the goings-on at the house. The longer she stays, the closer she gets to uncovering a spine-chilling secret... “Ghost Father” is a 2019 Vietnamese horror film that was directed by Ba Vu Nguyen.