Kung Fu Pho

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Orphaned at birth, Doan (Linh Son Nguyen) has never known who he is or where he came from. Taken in at a young age by the Kung Fu Pho Master Co (Mai Son), Doan has grown up working in the Co Family Pho Restaurant but has nothing else to show for his life. With a skill set only suitable for working as the restaurant’s delivery boy, Doan has never been given a chance to move beyond life at the restaurant. Until now. As a young man, Master Co was one of the two disciples chosen to train under the Grand Master of Kung Fu Pho, Van Cu. An ancient art form which combines the fierceness of kung fu with the elegance of cooking, Kung Fu Pho has been used to create some of the world’s most renowned noodle dishes, but mastering the art form takes years of dedicated study. To inherit their Grand Master’s secret pho recipe, Co and his fellow disciple-turned-rival, Vu (Hoang Phuc Nguyen), had to compete in one last challenge, a challenge in which Vu arose triumphant. Granted the title of Kung Fu Pho Master, Vu went on to establish a booming pho business while Co’s business steadily declined. Now on the brink of bankruptcy, Doan is tasked with infiltrating the Vu family dojo to steal the secret recipe and restore honor to the Co family restaurant. Determined to prove his worth, Doan sets out to do just that but soon finds his loyalties put to the test when he falls for Master Vu’s daughter, Chau Nhi (Diem My). Torn between saving the family that raised him and the woman that holds his heart, which path will Doan choose? An action-packed, noodle-filled romp, “Kung Fu Pho” is a 2015 Vietnamese action comedy film directed by Quoc Duy Nguyen.