Bridge of Destiny

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With a beautiful wife, a good son, and a successful career, Cuong (Trinh Xuan Nhan) seemed to have the perfect life. With absolutely everything a man could want, Cuong should have spent his days in perfect bliss, but when his son introduces him to his friend, Thang (Binh Ly), his world is flipped upside down in an instant. Having lived a very different life in his past, Cuong has spent many years trying to keep that part of himself hidden. But with Thang’s sudden appearance, all of Cuong’s past secrets start finding their way into the light. A relative of Cuong’s former lover, Trung (Huu Tai), Thang brings with him a rush of memories Cuong would rather soon forget. But forgetting isn’t an option as Trung makes it increasingly obvious he’s out for revenge. With no other options before him, Cuong finds himself forced to admit to his family that he is actually gay. With the truth now out, Cuong’s once perfect life threatens to fall apart around him. Will he be able to find a way to make amends for the mistakes of his past while restoring his once bright future? A story of passion and secrets, “Bridge of Destiny” is a 2020 Vietnamese romance film directed by Nguyen Huu Tien.