Win My Baby Back

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Together since high school, Thoai (Tran Thanh) and Linh (Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc) have literally grown up together. While they might have made a cute couple during their high school days, things between them have gotten nothing short of complicated over the years. Now both working adults, Thoai and Linh are starting to realize maybe their lives are meant to go in different directions. As a successful fashion designer running her own brand, Linh has worked hard to make her professional dreams come true. While she loves Thoai, she just can’t seem to inspire him to do much with his life. Working as a mechanic at a local garage, Thoai is perfectly content to stay exactly where he is for the rest of his life. But when Linh learns that she’s pregnant, she decides that she’s had enough of Thoai and his lackluster life. Only after Linh leaves does Thoai realize he may have actually had a dream worth pursuing after all. Desperate to win Linh back, Thoai tries to get his life back on track but the competition for her affection is steep, especially now that Linh’s old high school crush, Khanh (Anh Tu), is suddenly back on the scene. Will Thoai be able to win back the love of his life or will she decide she really is better off without him? A lighthearted romantic romp, “Win My Baby Back” is a 2019 Vietnamese romantic comedy directed by Nhat Trung.