Sunny Love



In high school, Quynh (Midu) often found herself surrounded by boys who delighted in teasing her but none tormented her as much as her classmate, Tuan (Harry Lu). Often forced to put Tuan in his place, Quynh refused to take any of his nonsense. Caught in an endless cycle of torment and retaliation, Tuan and Quynh’s strong feelings for each other eventually began to grow into something neither of them expected. Meanwhile, their underclassman, Thanh (Anh Tu), watches their relationship blossom, his heart breaking as he begins to realize his one-sided crush on Quynh will never have a chance to become anything more. Finally realizing his feelings for Quynh, Tuan decided the time had come to confess, but his timing couldn’t have been worse. Involved in a lethal accident just after his confession, Quynh is left struggling to understand how the boy who unexpectedly stole her heart could leave her so suddenly. Four years later, Quynh still finds herself occasionally thinking about Tuan, even though she has found a way to move on. Now working as a manager for Thanh, who has not only made his dreams of being with Quynh come true, but has also attained celebrity status as an actor, Quynh finds herself comfortably settled in her adult life. But everything is turned upside down when the entertainment company’s new director arrives from overseas, and he looks exactly like Tuan. With so many similarities existing between this new director and Tuan, it doesn’t take long for Thanh to realize they’re one and the same. Knowing the truth, will Thanh try to keep Quynh in the dark, or will he confess the truth and risk losing her to Tuan forever? A light-hearted film about life, love, and second chances, “Sunny Love” is a 2016 Vietnamese romantic comedy film directed by Luk Van.