Home Sweet Home

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Six months ago, Thien Tam (Trinh Tai), the 20-year-old eldest son of a rich family who live in a rural part of West Vietnam was involved in an accident in Saigon, leaving him in a coma. When he recovers, he returns to his family home to find everything has become very strange. The ailing family patriarch, his grandfather, has fallen seriously ill. More worryingly for him, his 16-year-old cousin Hai Lam – with whom he used to sit in the fields and sing the folk song “Bac Kim Thang” – has been kicked out of the house after becoming pregnant. His parents and uncle do not even want to know her whereabouts, and instead keep trying to push him to obtain documents pertaining to his grandfather’s real estate holdings. But has Hai Lam really gone? Thien Tam keeps seeing ghastly traces of her presence, which become jumbled up with his memories of her. He decides to investigate what happened to her. But the deeper he digs into the matter, the more he realizes that his family actually harbors dark secrets that become increasingly macabre... “Home Sweet Home” is a 2019 Vietnamese movie that was directed by Tran Huu Tan.