Dream Man

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A popular and beautiful young woman named Thao Nara (Thanh Tu Nguyen) accepts a friend request from an unknown stranger who calls himself Dream Man on Facebook. Shortly after, she is brutally murdered. Her closest friends Phong (Thanh Duy), Thang (Ly Binh), Nhu (Dam Phuong Linh), and Cuong (Anh Tu) come to the funeral to pay their respects, stunned and shattered by her sudden demise. But it turns out that Thao Nara is not the only one who has accepted Dream Man’s friend request, and another of their number is suddenly killed, too. Phong decides to investigate, deciding that all may be revealed if he can only uncover Dream Man’s true identity. But the more he digs, the more he realizes that Thao Nara’s so-called friends weren’t quite so kind about her behind her back – and appeared to be jealous of her fame. In fact, friendship starts to take dark overtones as he searches for clues both on the net and offline. Could Dream Man be someone he knows? And will he be able to track down the killer before another life is lost? “Dream Man” is a 2018 Vietnamese movie that was directed by Roland Nguyen.