The Eyes

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Trang (Thu Trang) is a talented and wealthy painter who suffers serious injuries when she is involved in a car crash that leaves her in a coma. When she comes to, she discovers that she has lost her memory. But something is now untoward about her eyes, as she is suddenly able to see spirits...and much more. She can discern the maid’s bitter thoughts, and perceive layers of meaning in the housekeeper’s gaze. And her dreams are haunted by visions of a mysterious woman who is bleeding from the eyes. As she attempts to get to the bottom of things, she learns that her corneas have been grafted from a formerly popular singer named Lisa (Bao Thanh). Trang decides to investigate and finds that Lisa has vanished. As she begins to dig deeper, she begins to learn unsettling things about the past, and her husband Truong (Quoc Truong). “The Eyes” is a 2020 Vietnamese film that was directed by Nhat Trung.