Saigon in the Rain

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With big dreams driving him, Vu (Avin Lu) moves to Saigon with hopes of turning his love of music into an actual career. A talented musician, Vu’s path soon crosses with Trang’s (Truc Anh), the leader of a band looking to add a new member. Happy to join a band with dreams as big as his own, Vu grateful for whatever gigs the band can land. Playing anything from weddings to weekend markets, the band jumps at any chance to hone their skill. It’s after one of the band’s wedding gigs that Vu meets May (Thu Anh Ho), a small clothing shop owner struggling to make ends meet. Coming from a small town, her hopes of earning enough money in the big city to support her family have long since been replaced by the harsh realities of city life. A far more experienced city-dweller, Vu decides to stick by May, in hopes of learning about this city he now calls home. Working as her assistant, Vu is often encouraged by May to believe in himself and to never give up on his dreams, a reminder he needs on more than one occasion. When the chance to audition for a television reality show presents itself, the band can’t believe their good fortune, but impressing a panel of judges proves a lot harder than impressing a market crowd. With both Vu and May’s dreams now seeming to crumble, will either be able to offer the other the strength they need to keep going? A story full of big dreams and harsh realities, “Saigon In The Rain” is a 2020 Vietnamese romantic comedy film directed by Le Minh Hoang.