My Beloved Stranger

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Dang DJ (Karik) is a handsome, talented, and charming playboy who thinks life is all about fast love. He doesn’t believe in love and thinks that the only kind of romance in life is one-night-stands. He is used to beautiful women showering him with attention and when he meets the stunning Trinh (Thuy Anh), he thinks she is just another conquest to add to his ever-growing list. But Trinh quickly reveals that she is nothing like the other women he’s met. In fact, she claims to be a fairy who has come to Earth from Venus to make love to him as part of a special life-or-death mission that must be completed in the next few hours. Instantly spooked by this declaration, Dang DJ tries to escape Trinh, but she keep chasing after him, outwitting him every time he attempts to flee, using a range of magical tricks. Soon, however, malevolent individuals try to chase them both down, worried that their possible union could foil their own evil plans. On the run together, an unconventional bond begins to form between this perpetual bachelor and the Venusian “fairy!” “My Beloved Stranger” is a 2019 Vietnamese movie that was directed by Truong Chi Binh.