The Heiress

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Nhung (Ngan Khanh) is the spoiled heiress to a hugely lucrative fashion empire that is run by her grandmother. Nhung has barely ever had to lift a finger in her life: She has always been able to order or pay others to do everything for her. But one fateful day, her life is turned upside down. She is partying away in Las Vegas, without a care in the world, when she learns that her aunt has suddenly died. Nhung expects to revive the company as her inheritance, and discovers that this is indeed the case. But in the old woman’s will, there is a catch: Nhung will not be able to take control of the company unless she first completes a three-month “course” at a rural Catholic covenant. Her work at the covenant will include mucking out pigs, chopping wood, cleaning toilets, and carrying huge piles of fruit around. But there is also a silver lining – she meets the Anh (Song Luan), an orphan who has lived in the community the covenant serves since he was a boy. Although the two start off on the wrong foot, a strange bond begins to form between these two polar opposites! “The Heiress” is a 2018 Vietnamese romantic comedy film that was directed by Hoang Duy.