The Diary of Fireflies



Kai (Vo Dinh Hieu) is a young medical student whose life has been tinged with tragedy. His parents both died painful deaths from cancer and he has decided to become a recluse, spending his days sulking in the university library, neglecting his studies, and speaking to no one. His miserable life creaks by – until the day he meets a young woman named Rin, who turns his whole world upside in an instant. Despite his gloomy outlook, Rin (Jun Vu) – a fountain of energy and positivity – falls for Kai and tells him how she feels. Suddenly, the clouds are lifted and he finds himself traveling around with her, enjoying their precious time together, and falling in love. But Rin’s cheery personality and her love of photography mask some serious problems. She suffers from an incurable disease that strikes her down, and threatens to claim her life. Her bickering parents have split up – acrimoniously. But when Rin is hospitalized, Kai realizes that he will do whatever it takes to be near the woman he loves for as long as he can...while her warring parents consider burying the hatchet for the sake of their daughter’s happiness. “The Diary of Fireflies” is a 2016 Vietnamese movie that was directed by Van Cong Vien.