Exorcism: A Haunted Child

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In order to complete her final course in directing, art school student My Lan (Kim Tuyen), is assigned to direct a play at a local drama school. After making the usual introductions, the students begin to regale her with tales of the school’s haunted prop room. Though the students do their best to scare her, My Lan assures them that no matter how hard they try, they won’t succeed in frightening her. Little does she know just how cruel these kids can be. Teased and tortured by a group of relentless students led by Thien Tam (Bang Khue Nguyen), My Lan is soon driven out of her wits in fear. Tormented to the point of a near breakdown, My Lan flees the school, but in so doing, suffers a number of serious injuries. While My Lan recovers at the hospital, Thien Tam and her boyfriend Khuong Duy (Vinh Anh Ho) nearly find themselves hospitalized as well, as a serious accident leaves both them and an elderly woman badly injured. Rather than reporting the accident, the two students flee the scene but both soon regret their decision as they find themselves tormented by the unsettled spirit of both the old woman and a young child. Unable to flee their supernatural tormentors, Thien Tam and Khuong Duy attempt to make things right, but in doing so learn there are some things even more horrifying than angry spirits. Will either of them be able to escape the fate they have brought upon themselves? A chilling tale of terror, “Exorcism: A Haunted Child” is a 2015 Vietnamese horror film directed by Ba Vu Nguyen.