The Knight of Shadows

The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang
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In a village in feudal Chinese, terrifying goings-on occur when a portal between the mortal and supernatural realm opens up, leading to the disappearance of a number of teenage girls. The villagers seek out the services of Pu Song Ling (Jackie Chan), a veteran demon hunter, armed with a magical calligraphy brush. Pu Song Ling agrees to help, and joins forces with a young police detective named Fei (Austin Lin) as they try to track down the missing girls. The duo enlists the help of some friendly monsters, but they will need all the support they can get if they are to fight the powers of evil. At the heart of the mystery is the Mirror Demoness (Lin Peng), as well as her sister Xiao Qian (Zhong Chu Xi), a beautiful female demon who is trying to return to the mortal realm. She begins to fall for another demon hunter named Ning Cai Chen (Ethan Juan). Will the forces of good succeed in repelling the evil spirits – and restoring peace to the land? “The Knight of Shadows” is a 2019 Chinese movie that was directed by Jia Yan.