The Monkey King 2

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A devout Buddhist monk named Xuan Zang (Feng Shao Feng) is on a mission to India in search of lost holy texts, but he is sidetracked when a tiger attacks. He runs for cover and takes shelter inside a dark cave – totally aware that this cave is actually a makeshift prison created by the Buddha to hold the mischief-loving Monkey King (Aaron Kwok). When Xuan Zang enters, the Monkey King is freed from his 500-year-long captivity. But before he can escape, a divinity tells him that he must join Xuan Zang on his quest. The Monkey King wants nothing to do with this plan, but the Buddha makes sure he complies by placing a hoop on his head that forces him to complete his task. Soon, they are joined in their mission by other demons, including a pig demon named Ba Jie (Xiao Shen Yang). But this quest could be cut short by the fearsome, beautiful, and evil demon Lady White Bone (Gong Li). She will perish shortly unless she can catch and eat Xuan Zang, whose pure soul would allow her to live forever. She hatches a wicked plan to lure the companions into a trap – attempting to pit them against one another. Can they thwart her dastardly scheme – and continue their quest for the sacred documents? This movie, like its prequel and sequel, was based on the classic 16th-century novel “Journey to the West,” which has been attributed to Wu Cheng En. “The Monkey King 3” is a 2018 Chinese movie that was directed by Cheang Pou Soi.