Tai Chi Zero

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Yang Lu Chan (Yuan Xiao Chao) is a wandering oddball with a very strange talent that is also his curse: He has a small horn on his forehead that, if struck, grows and turns him into an unstoppable fighter capable of defeating an entire army. Unfortunately, each time this happens to him, he grows closer to death. This perilous situation means that a few more strikes to the horn could leave him dead. He decides that he needs to learn a powerful martial art that will let him safeguard his life. His quest leads him to a small sleepy village whose residents all know a powerful secret form of kung fu. But the village has vowed never to teach their skills to an outsider. The whole settlement, including the village elder’s daughter Yu Niang (Angelababy), wants to send Yang Lu Chan away. But just as they think they have got rid of him, Yu Niang’s former lover Fang Zi Jing (Eddie Peng) arrives with a sidekick in a steam-power mechanical contraption. This fiendish duo plans to use this machine to build a railway that will pass straight through the middle of the city. The villagers decide to fight back – and Yang Lu Chan pledges to help! “Tai Chi Zero” is a 2012 Chinese movie that was directed by Stephen Fung.