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Under the rule of Emperor Huizong, the late Northern Song Dynasty found itself in a state of instability and unrest when counterfeit money began circulating widely throughout the capital. Tasked with finding those responsible for the surge in counterfeit currency, the Department Six Constabulary, led by their strict commander, Liu (Cheng Tai Shen), set out to do just that. Following a tip-off, the Department Six investigators rush to apprehend the suspect, only to find both the suspect and the evidence are already being taken into custody by an unknown secret agency commissioned by the Emperor himself. Known as the Divine Constabulary, this heretofore unknown force has been working on the Emperor's behalf, entirely in secret. But with their presences now known by all, the commander of Department Six takes their existence as a personal threat. Hoping to bring down the rival agency, Liu secretly orders his best man, Leng Xue (Deng Chao), to infiltrate the Divine Constabulary and find a way to bring it down. Little does Liu know that his own agency has recently been infiltrated by agents working for the counterfeit currency mastermind. With the Divine Constabulary spearheaded by Leng Xue and his comrades, Wu Qing (Liu Yi Fei), Zhui Ming (Ronald Cheng), and Tie Shou (Collin Chou), better known as The Four, a much more sinister plot than simple counterfeit currency is soon uncovered. Will the rival agencies find a way to put aside their differences for the greater good, or will their constant quarrels allow the entire world to fall into chaos? Adapted from Woon Swee Oan’s novel series, “The Four Great Constables”, “The Four” is a 2012 Hong Kong wuxia film directed by Gordon Chan and Janet Chun.