Railroad Tigers

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In December of 1941, Japanese forces made their way into China, claiming the country’s extensive railway system as their own. Using the lines from Tianjin to Nanjing as a key military transportation route, the trains which ran between the cities were heavily guarded by Japanese soldiers. But even heavily guarded, the trains were frequently attacked by teams of freedom fighters, particularly those led by Ma Yuan (Jackie Chan). A simple railroad worker swept up by the tides of war, Ma Yuan’s extensive knowledge of the train network instantly made him a valuable asset to the cause. Gathering a group of fellow railway workers to him, Ma Yuan and his men became a symbol of hope to the people, raiding Japanese trains to supply the starving people of China with much-needed food and supplies. Using nothing but their everyday tools to take on the Japanese soldiers, these freedom fighters became affectionately known as the “Railroad Tigers.” Though heroes to the people, the Japanese saw them in a much different light. Determined to stop them from doing more harm, reinforcements were sent to Shandong. But the reinforcements only served to spur the rebels into greater action.  In a grand act of defiance, Ma Yuan leads his men on a mission more dangerous than any they’ve attempted thus far. But when the Japanese learn of their plan, they launch a counterattack that raises the stakes for all to staggering new heights. Will this ragtag team of freedom fighters be able to bring down this well-oiled machine of war or will their greatest heist yet prove to be their undoing? Starring one of the most popular action stars of all time, “Railroad Tigers” is a 2016 Chinese action comedy film directed by Ding Sheng.