I Am Not Madame Bovary



Village-dwelling Li Xue Lian (Fan Bing Bing) and her husband concoct a plan that will ostensibly allow them to bypass a law that dictates that married couples may only own a single house. They sign the divorce papers, but soon after, she realizes that he has been duped...as he quickly marries another woman and pretends he never many any agreement to divorce Li Xue Lian so they could buy another house. He also starts spreading rumors about her having sexual relationships with other men in exchange for money. Enraged, Li Xue Lian attempts to take the matter up with the local judiciary in an attempt to declare their divorce void. She even explores ways to punish her ex-husband using other – illegal – means. But even the process appears to be absolutely fruitless, she refuses to give up until justice is done. Even if she has to take the matter up with the highest court in the land, she vows, she will not let the matter go. But as her legal journey continues, it starts to become clear that she has a very personal reason for refusing to let up in her quest for justice. “I Am Not Madame Bovary” is a 2016 Chinese movie that was directed by Feng Xiao Gang.