Kung Fu Yoga

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Jack (Jackie Chan) is a famous archaeology professor and kung fu expert who works in a prestigious museum in Xi’an, China. One day, he meets a fellow professor who asks him to help her locate lost treasure transported hundreds of years ago by an army of warriors who were crushed by a mountainside avalanche. Along with a team that includes the ace treasure hunter Jones (Aarif Rahman) and his teaching assistant Zhu (ZhangYi Xing), they head off to the Kunlun Mountains in search of the lost cache. But just when they have located the precious items, the villainous Randall (Sonu Sood) – the descendant of a rebel general – arrives to steal everything! When Jack and his team hear that one of the items, a rare diamond, has been put up for auction in Dubai, the gang heads to the UAE to investigate. There they find Randall and clash, with their struggle leading the heroes to a pursuit on the streets of Dubai. But could the real treasure be something far more important than gems and gold? Will Jack and his intrepid allies discover the truth behind the mysterious treasure...or will Randall prevail? “Kung Fu Yoga” is a 2017 Chinese movie that was directed by Stanley Tong.