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Yen Shih San (Peter Ho) is a heavily tattooed and critically ill sword fighter who is enlisted by Mi Yung Chiu Ti (Jiang YiYan), the princess of a powerful clan, to help her seek revenge on another highly skilled sword fighter, who has angered her by rejecting her romantic advances. He is told that if he does so, he will become officially recognized as the top sword fighter in the realm. Yen Shih San is reluctant, but when he learns that the rival swordsman has died, he decides to buy a coffin and wait for death in a cemetery. But Fate isn’t finished with him just yet: Ah Chi (Lin Geng Xin) is a former martial arts trainee with a secret identity. Many years ago, he turned his back on fighting. He is now an odd job man who works in a brothel. But when he rushes to defend Li (Jiang Meng Jie), a prostitute at the brothel, from attackers, the duo finds their lives are now in danger. They flee to a village, but the thugs follow and attack the villagers, too. Mi Yung Chiu Ti is also in pursuit. Yen decides to intervene – but finds he may have to fight an unexpectedly deadly opponent... This film is based on a 1975 novel by Gu Long, which also spawned a 1977 movie named “Death Duel.” “Sword Master” is a 2016 Chinese movie that was directed by Derek Yee.