White Vengeance

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With the rise of rebel forces, China’s already fragile Qin Dynasty quickly began to crumble. At the behest of King Huai, the ambitious ruler of neighboring Chu, Liu Bang (Leon Lai) and Xiang Yu (Feng Shao Feng) led the rebel army into Qin. Sworn brothers-in-arms, Liu Bang and Xiang Yu served their king well. As successful military generals, King Huai is well-aware of their many talents and understands just how powerful men in their position can be. Recognizing the possible threat they pose to his reign, King Huai devises a plan to divide the sworn brothers before they can cause him any trouble. Announcing that whoever can reach the gates of Qin first will become the land’s new Emperor, King Huai seals the fate of Liu Bang and Xiang Yu. Determined to win Qin for his own, Xiang Yu leads his army against the main forces of Qin while Liu Bang uses the diversion created by his brother-in-arms to invade unnoticed. Feeling betrayed by Liu Bang’s actions, Xiang Yu swears revenge, his hatred only intensifying when he realizes Liu Bang has declared his love for Yu Ji (Liu Yi Fei), the woman Xiang Yu himself loves. Driven by his need for revenge, Xiang Yu will stop at nothing to get what he wants, but has no idea that his fate actually lies in the hands of another. Supported behind the scenes by their brilliant benefactors, Zhang Liang (Zhang Han Yu) and Fan Zeng (Anthony Wong) have actually been the ones directing both men’s fate from the very beginning. Wielded like paws on a chess board, which young general will arise victorious in this epic battle of survival? A story of brotherhood and betrayal, “White Vengeance” is a 2011 Chinese historical film directed by Daniel Lee.