Little Big Soldier



During the Warring States period (475-221 BCE) of Chinese history, the Liang and Wey armies clash in a fierce and bloody battle that leaves just two men alive on a corpse-strewn battlefield. The first is a veteran combatant known as the Big Soldier (Jackie Chan), who has a knack for tricking people into thinking he is dead on the battlefield by using a fake arrow. The other man is a young general of the Wey (Wang Leehom), who has been wounded in the fighting. Big Soldier realizes that if he kidnaps the general, he can demand a ransom for the man from the rival Liang kingdom, as well as an honorable discharge from the army – and live happily ever after with the bounty. So Big Soldier decides to do just that. But the journey to Liang lands is not easy for this unconventional duo, who must share a horse on their journey. The general does not want to play along, either, and makes his feelings known. To make matters worse, bandits, opportunist crooks, and other troublemakers litter the way. Riches and glory await Big Soldier if he makes it to Liang...but will he ever get there? “Little Big Soldier” is a 2010 Chinese movie that was directed by Sheng Ding.