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In the late second century BCE, the Han Dynasty is beginning to crumble. The ruthless minister Cao Cao (Chow Yun Fat) has effectively seized control of the government after traveling to the east of the realm to bring a fearsome warlord to heel. The Han Emperor is now a mere puppet, and Cao Cao has himself named the King of the Wei. He then proceeds to build a magnificent structure called the Bronze Bird Terrace to showcase his power to the whole of China. But his tyrannical rule is not to everyone’s liking. Plots start to hatch at every turn, with many hoping to unseat Cao Cao before he can declare himself Emperor. Into this chaotic court are cast two young lovers Mu Shun (Hiroshi Tamaki) and Ling Ju (Liu Yi Fei). The former becomes a court eunuch, while the latter Cao Cao takes as an imperial consort. But Cao Cao is unaware that this duo has a romantic – and tragic past. Orphaned by Cao Cao’s past cruelties, they were recruited as part of secret, revenge-filled plot to infiltrate Cao Cao’s inner circle...and kill him. Their mission is nothing if not perilous, however. And if the tyrant discovers the truth about the couple, great horrors could unfold for them! “The Assassins” is a 2012 Chinese movie that was directed by Zhao Lin Shan.