Brotherhood of Blades



The year is 1627, and China is in the last days of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The young Emperor has decided that he must wipe out the powerful eunuch Wei (Chin Shi Chieh) and do away with his supporters. Three warriors and firm friends, part of a secret order of Imperial Assassins, step up to the challenge. They are the mysterious Lian (Chang Chen), the promotion-chasing Jian Xing (Wang Qian Yuan), and a young man with a troubling medical ailment named Yi Chuan (Li Dong Xue). But although their assignment to kill the eunuch appears straightforward at first, the further along the trio progresses with their quest, the more they realize that conspiracies abound at every turn. The past is also catching up with them, and the secrets they hide from one another also threaten to complicate matters. The trio all need money for very different reasons: One hopes to raise enough money to bribe an official, another hopes to free his lover from her captors, and the other wants to pay off a blackmailer who is attempting to expose his criminal past. When they receive a tempting counter-offer, however, their plan to kill Wei could hit the rocks! “Brotherhood of Blades” is a 2014 Chinese movie that was directed and co-written by Lu Yang.