The Captain

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It is May 14, 2018, and 100 or so passengers are aboard Airbus flight A319 from Chongqing to Lhasa, Tibet. The aircraft suffers a major blow when the cockpit’s windshield cracks. The pilots radio air traffic control to report on their perilous situation. But then the unthinkable happens – the glass shatters, sending the pressure spiraling throughout the aircraft. The passengers panic, and one of the pilot team is taken out of action, leaving the former air force ace-turned steely nerved veteran captain Liu Chang Jian (Zhang Han Yu) to find a solution to the problem, along with his first mate Liang Dong (Du Jiang). The plane plummets almost 2.5km, and the captain manages to intervene just in time, but the really tough flying is only just getting started. The aircraft is flying above the Tibetan Himalayas, oxygen reserves are running low and a storm starts to brew outside, making Liu Chang Jian’s seemingly impossible task that bit harder. Pandemonium breaks out among the passengers, but the lead flight attendant Bin Nan (Yuan Quan) is determined to calm their nerves and make them place their trust in her, the crew...and the captain. “The Captain,” which was based on a true story, is a 2019 Chinese movie that was directed by Andrew Lau.