How Long Will I Love U

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Pretty and single, Gu Xiao Jiao (Tong Li Ya) may not have a hard time finding guys interested in her, but when it comes to finding Mr. Right, she has one very strict rule. If a man is going to win her heart, he first has to prove he has the financial means to satisfy her greatest needs. In other words, he has to have enough money to buy her the mansion of her dreams. As superficial and as calculating as they come, Xiao Jiao has yet to find a man who fits her idea of a perfect husband; but that doesn’t mean she’s not trying.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, Lu Ming (Lei Jia Yin) is a hard-working architect whose greatest desire in life is to have his work recognized and appreciated by his peers. With his plans and blueprints constantly being rejected, Lu Ming is beginning to wonder if his luck will ever turn around. Just when he thinks things can’t get any worse, he wakes up in his apartment one day to find himself sleeping beside a beautiful woman. While that part may not be so back, the shock and terror on her face when she finds him next to her is less than wonderful. Horrified to find a man sleeping in her bed, Xiao Jiao insists that this stranger leaves at once. But how can Lu Ming leave when he never left his apartment in the first place? Desperate to understand what’s going on, Xiao Jiao and Lu Ming soon realize that an inexplicable merge in spacetime has brought their two timelines together. With present day Xiao Jiao living in the exact same apartment Lu Ming lived in back in 1999, the two eventually agree that they’re going to have to work together, if they ever hope to return to their normal lives. But is such a thing even possible? A rollicking romantic tale with a sci-fi twist, “How Long Will I Love U” is a 2018 Chinese fantasy romantic comedy film directed by Su Lun.