The Full-time Wife Escapist SPECIAL

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Some three years ago, Mikuri Moriyama (Aragaki Yui) found an unusual new job – working as a live-in housekeeper for Hiramasa Tsuzaki (Hoshino Gen), a thirtysomething man who had never had a girlfriend and was “married” to his white-collar job. But this unconventional living arrangement eventually resulted in romance, and the duo fell for one another. Eventually, they officially started dating and began to live a happy life together. Now, they are both working, sharing chores, and enjoying their married life. But tranquillity here is short-lived: Their attempts to legally marry have hit legal roadblocks. The global coronavirus pandemic strikes, and even threatens to temporarily separate them. And then an even bigger development materializes: Mikuri Moriyama finds she is expecting a baby! All this is happening just as Hiramasa Tsuzaki’s company is embarking on a major new business project. As his “wife” begins to suffer from crippling morning sickness, he decides to take early paternity leave to look after her. Will all these pressures drive them apart – or bring them closer together? This drama special was based on a hit manga series that was written by Tsunami Umino and first published in 2012. It is the follow-up to the 2016 drama series “The Full-Time Wife Escapist.” “The Full-Time Wife Escapist SPECIAL” is a 2021 Japanese drama special that was directed by Fuminori Kaneko.