The Labyrinth

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Hee Min (Chani of SF9) is the son of South Korea’s most powerful shaman – an individual who is able to communicate with the spirits of the dead in order to influence the world of the living. He thinks little of shamanism, but is forced to channel powers he never knew he had when malevolent spirits begin to terrorize the high school he transfers to. Also at the school, he meets So Young (Park Yoo Na), with whom he falls in love at first sight. By chance, he finds her diary and decides to declare his feelings for her by returning it to her, along with a special gift – as a heartfelt declaration of his feelings. However, So Young is preoccupied with other matters: She know about dark secrets connected to the school and ghastly events the school authorities would rather sweep under the carpet. Can this duo help save the school from evil spirits – and maybe find love while they’re at it? This movie was based on the video game “White Day: A Labyrinth Named School,” which was released for PCs in 2001, and issued as a mobile gaming console title in 2015. “The Labyrinth” is a 2021 South Korean movie that was directed by Song Eun.