Hostage: Missing Celebrity

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One of Korea’s biggest film stars, Hwang Jung Min lives his life in the spotlight. The center of attention, no matter where he goes, all eyes were focused solely on him at the premiere of his most recent film. But not everyone attending the star-studded event was there to admire the dazzling man of the hour.  Perfectly hidden among the star-struck fans lurked a group of dark-hearted villains who saw Jung Min not as a celebrity to be admired but a quick way to earn an obscene amount of money. Successfully kidnapping the shining star at his own film premiere, Jung Min at first believes his “kidnapping” is nothing but a prank. But when his kidnappers begin to brutally unleash their cruelty upon him, Jung Min quickly realizes his situation is no joke.  Holding Jung Min hostage for an enormous ransom, the battered celebrity knows he has less than twenty-four hours to find a way to escape. With the clock ticking, will he find a way out before it’s too late? Based on the 2015 Chinese films, “Saving Mr. Wu”, “Hostage: Missing Celebrity” is a 2021 South Korean reality action thriller film directed by Pil Kam Sung.