Ever Since We Love



In the 1990s, Qiu Shui (Han Geng) is a young man full of passion, lust, and curiosity. He has won a place at China’s leading medical university, where he specializes in anatomy – learning about the chemical and biological factors that drive sexual urges. But his own urges are in danger of getting the better of him. His first love – from his childhood and hometown – is about to get married, but appears to still have some kind of feelings for him as she keeps calling him on the telephone. But Qui Shui has another love interest now – a fellow student named Bai Lu (Qi Xi). The two have formed a close bond and could even be contemplating an eventual marriage. But things take a sudden turn when Qiu Shui meets Liu Qing (Fan Bing Bing), an older woman who works as an importer of medical equipment. The duo forms a friendship that suddenly morphs into a passion-filled romantic fling. But this relationship – as well as the ghosts of his past love – threatens to derail both Qui Shui’s studies and his relationship with Bai Lu. “Ever Since We Love” is a 2015 Chinese movie that was directed by Li Yu.