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For the past ten years, the Yunjiang Tunnel Project has been diligently burrowing its way through the porous heart of Yudang Mountain. Nestled in the ruggedly beautiful county of Yunjiang, in the Southwestern province of Guizhou, Yudang and its surrounding peaks are the result of eons of volcanic activity. As the Yunjiang Tunnel Project draws to a close, the surrounding area is rocked by a series of geological disasters which threaten the lives of the nearly 160,000 people who call this region home. As a member of the China Railway Construction team, Hong Yung Bing (Huang Zhi Zhong) has dedicated the past ten years of his life to the tunnel’s construction. With an entire decade’s worth of work and countless lives now threatened, Yung Bing teams up with his son, geo-engineer Hong Yi Zhou (Zhu Yi Long) to save them all. Going up against Mother Nature herself, the only way this estranged father and son stand a chance of winning is if they learn to put aside their differences. But overcoming an entire lifetime of shared trauma and guilt takes time and time is a luxury neither currently possesses.  With the entire region being rocked by everything from earthquakes and landslides to ground fissures and mudslides, the future of this region is woefully bleak. Will father and son find a way to save both the people and themselves, or will their efforts ultimately cost them everything? A non-stop thrill ride of cataclysmic proportions, “Cloudy Mountain” is a 2021 Chinese disaster film directed by Li Jun.