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During the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945), Imperial Japanese forces have taken charge of swathes of Chinese land. However, the would-be colonial powers are blighted by resistance fighters who have targetted trains carrying food, ammunition, and other supplies to the Japanese army. The fighters are a rag-tag group of railway workers and miners, and are led by the veteran Hong (Zhang Han Yu). Securing supplies for mountain-based guerilla combatants is a must in the resistance movement. Hong’s operation operates out of a railway yard in Lincheng. But with the aid of the linguist and double agent Old Wang (Fan Wei) and the nurse Zhuang Yan (Zhou Ye), he starts making breakthroughs. This all sparks the ire of the Imperial Japanese, however, who dispatch a crack investigator to ensure that a huge stash of weapons reaches its intended target. Will Hong manage to intercept the cache’s passage through China – or will the fiendishly clever uncover the secret operation? “Railway Heroes” is a 2021 Chinese movie that was directed by Yang Feng.