Her Bucket List (Movie)

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Cha Ra Ri (Kim So Hye) is head over heels in love with her boyfriend and her world falls apart when he dies suddenly. She doubts that she has the fortitude required to live without him, so decides to take her own life. But when she comes across a bucket list of items that she co-wrote with her boyfriend a long time ago. This discovery inspires her to take action: Before she ends it all, she decides to honor his memory by completing the bucket list – alone. She begins doing so, but in the course of doing so encounters Kang Han Sol (Na In Woo), a budding K-pop trainee with enormous talent. However, he is blighted by stage fright that threatens to derail his fledgling career before it has even started. The duo unexpectedly hit it off, and Kang Han Sol joins Cha Ra Ri on her bucket list journey, finding mutual solace in the quest. But doing so sparks a romantic bond that only deepens as they continue making their way down the list. However, as the list starts to become shorter, will their love survive the quest’s completion? This movie was based on a web-based cartoon of the same name by Hyang Yang and Sop and is the film version of a 2021 drama series that was also named “Her Bucket List.” “Her Bucket List” is a 2022 South Korean movie that was directed by Hwang Kyung Sung.