In Our Prime

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Hak Sung (Choi Min Sik) is a mathematician with almost unparalleled abilities. But after defecting from North Korea, he has had to take on a job as a high school security guard in a bid to keep his former identity under the radar. But while he is working at the school, he meets one of the school’s students – Ji Woo (Kim Dong Hee). Ji Woo is struggling with his math studies and wants to quit the subject. But when an unexpected turn of events leads him to seek the security guard’s help, Ji Woo discovers that Hak Sung has a talent for math. Despite his initial misgivings, Hak Sung agrees to unofficially tutor Ji Woo. They begin to gain respect for one another and despite their sizeable age gap, something akin to friendship is born. But trouble’s brewing: Ji Woo is accused of wrongdoings at school, while people start asking questions about Hak Sung’s past… “In Our Prime” is a 2022 South Korean movie that was directed by Park Dong Hoon.