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Tae Woo (Jung Kyung Ho) is a troubled zookeeper whose life has been turned upside down by the fact that his girlfriend Hee Yeon (Jung Yoon Seon) has a terminal illness. She is now approaching the end of that illness – and her life – and is hospitalized. He realizes that the end is nigh for the woman he loves, but she insists that he should try to forget their time together and start his love life anew. Still overcome with misery, Tae Woo is stunned when he one day comes across an unknown woman (Fujii Mina) who doesn’t even have a name to answer to on a bathroom floor, her clothes torn to tatters. He tries to ask her what has happened to her and discover her identity, but she will not answer him. He decides to take her home, as her situation appears to be desperate. He leaves her alone when he goes to work. But when he returns, he finds her still at his house, waiting for his return. They begin living together, but Tae Woo is determined to discover who she is – and why she has suddenly turned up in his life… “Amor” is a 2015 South Korean movie that was directed by Han Cheol Soo.