Secret Garden

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Jin Zhu Yuan (Wallace Chung) is an arrogant and spoiled business leader. He is the CEO of a company named ROC Holdings and his arch-nemesis is his cousin Oska (Kang Ta), of whom Jin Zhu Yuan is extremely jealous. But ROC cannot make a decision without Oska’s agreement, and this awkward situation causes them to butt heads frequently. One day, Oska gives his cousin an oil painting named “Secret Garden” as a gift. When he visits a movie set, he mistakes the stuntwoman Luo Lin (Tan Wei Wei) for the actress she is doubling for in the film. Due to the magic power of the painting, however, the duo swap bodies – leaving the CEO stuck in the body of a stuntwoman and vice versa. Luo Lin finds that she must go to ROC and play the role of a powerful male businessman – while Jin Zhu Yuan has to learn to be a fearless, all-action stuntwoman! And the situation gets even more complicated when the duo starts to fall for one another! This movie was based on the 2010 South Korean drama series of the same name. “Secret Garden” is a 2012 Chinese movie that was directed by Dan Tang.