Stolen Identity

Stolen Identity
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Stolen Identity


Asami Inaba (Keiko Kitagawa) is an ordinary, unassuming office worker. One day, her boyfriend answers a phone call in a taxi, but is in such a rush that he leaves his cell phone behind him on the seat. She calls him later, but a stranger answers the phone instead. A couple of days later, the phone is returned and she thinks the matter is behind her. But in fact, she soon comes to realize that someone has managed to access the phone, correctly guessing its passcode and then downloading all of its contents. This person now begins to stalk Asami Inaba, using data from the phone to open up chapters of her life she thought were completely private. Pulling on clues from the phone like a string, this mysterious person is somehow able to access her and her acquaintances’ social media pages and bank accounts – sowing the seeds of chaos in both her personal and financial life. To make matters worse, a spate of brutal killings has also begun...and the female victims all bear an uncanny resemblance to Asami Inaba! “Stolen Identity” is a 2018 Japanese movie that was directed by Nakata Hideo.