Stolen Identity 2

Stolen Identity 2
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Stolen Identity 2


Several months ago, a case that began with a man losing his smartphone ended up in a series of gruesome murders, with a number of young women found murdered in desolate rural areas. The police thought they had found the killer, who is now rotting away in a cell in a high-security prison. But the police are stumped when the killings appear to recommence, and another phone goes missing – with flesh-crawling consequences. The whole matter leaves officers unsure as to whether they are dealing with a serial killer or a copycat murderer. The sharp-witted detective Manabu Kagaya (Yudai Chiba) has been dispatched to solve the case, and attempts to get to the bottom of the matter by going to visit the convicted serial killer – Yoshiharu Urano (Ryo Narita) – in the jail. During their traumatic encounter, the convict tells Manabu Kagaya that a shadowy individual called M taught him all the devious criminal methods he used to commit his crimes. Worse still, Yoshiharu Urano tells the policeman that the only way he will be able to reach M is through him. Will Manabu Kagaya be able to trust this deranged killer before the bodies start piling up? This film is the sequel to the 2018 film “Stolen Identity.” “Stolen Identity 2” is a 2020 Japanese movie that was directed by Hideo Nakata.