Schemes in Antiques

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The Xu family was once China’s most renowned cultural relic-specializing family. But when one of the family stole a priceless Chinese artifact – a jade Buddha’s head – and took it to Japan, the family was shrouded in disgrace. Now, in 1992, Xu Yuan (Lei Jia Lin), the thief’s descendent, has turned his back on antiques and relics. He spends his time drinking heavily and earns a living by operating an electronics store. Working in this trade allows him to put his family’s shame behind him and live a humble, unassuming life. But all that changes quickly after Kido (Matsumine Lilie) – the descendent of the person who smuggled the Buddha’s head out of China – comes to return what she thinks is the stolen item. Kido will only give the item back to the person she believes is its rightful owner, and her quest soon drags a reluctant Xu Yuan into the affair. But as he begins to investigate, he realizes that his arch-rival, the relic-hunting Bu Ran Yao (Li Xian), is hoping to outwit him! This movie was based on a novel by Ma Bo Yong. “Schemes in Antiques” is a 2021 Chinese film that was directed by Derek Kwok.