Raging Fire

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With a long history of success, working some of the most dangerous cases on record, Officer Bong (Donnie Yen) is one of the most highly respected cops in the precinct. Honest, determined, and unwaveringly righteous, Bong may be more than a bit stoic but he gets the job done, no matter the cost. Unfortunately even this hardline cop has a history and it’s about to return to haunt him. On the brink of bringing down a long-time criminal nemesis, Bong is horrified when a gang of masked men step in and annihilate not just his foe, but a number of his colleagues as well. Even more shocking is learning that the mastermind behind the attack is none other than Bong’s former colleague, Ngo (Nicholas Tse). Once Bong’s personal protégé and a talented former officer, Ngo was respected and admired by both his colleagues and his mentor. But one horrible mistake was all it took to ruin both Ngo’s career and his future. Having served time in prison to atone for his mistakes, Ngo has finally attained his freedom and with that freedom comes an insatiable desire for revenge. Driven by his terrible rage, Ngo has vowed to destroy everyone who has ever wronged him, including his former mentor, Bong. Painfully aware that his friends and family are now in extreme danger, will this devout cop be able to bring down his former protégé in time to save those he loves most? Satisfyingly reminiscent of old-school action films, “Raging Fire” is a 2021 Hong Kong-Chinese action crime thriller film directed by the late Benny Chan.