Paid in Blood



Despite being a powerful crime lord, Chairman Oh (Kim Se Joon) has always prioritized civility and respect within his organization. As such, his underlings have always operated under the same code, including his most devoted man, Kim Gil Seok (Yoo Oh Sung). Trusted above all others, it’s Gil Seok who is trusted with the task of overseeing the construction of the organization’s largest resort and casino in Gangneung. Guaranteed to be a smashing success, the prospect of this new casino draws the attention of a number of rival gangs. All hoping to get their own cut of the profits, other organization leaders try to step in but despite their best efforts, it’s Chairman Oh who ultimately holds the majority share. But Chairman Oh’s position at the top is soon challenged when Lee Min Seok (Jang Hyuk), a former hitman from Seoul sets his sights on the Gangneung casino. Determined to have the casino as his own, Min Seok will let nothing stand between him and his goal. With relentless determination, Min Seok begins a brutal killing spree which successfully eliminates anyone who might have stood in his way. Now holding the second largest number of shares in the casino, Min Seok’s greed refuses to be satisfied with settling for second. With his eyes fixed on Chairman Oh’s position at the top, Min Seok goes up against Gil Seok and his right-hand man, Kim Hyung Geun (Oh Dae Hwan), starting a bloody war between the two organizations which rocks Gangneung to its core. With Gil Seok’s friend, Detective Cho Bang Hyun (Park Sung Keun) working with him, will they be able to stop Min Seok before he tears the entire city apart? A brutal tale of brotherhood and blind ambition, “Paid in Blood” is a 2021 South Korean noir action film directed by Yoon Young Bin.