He Won't Kill, She Won't Die

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Rei Kosaka (Shotaro Mamiya) is a third-grader in high school. He thinks that life and pointless: He has no interests and finds everything both at school and outside to be utterly boring. To others, he appears cold and aloof and has a habit of telling people to “die” when he gets frustrated with them. But one day, he sees something very unusual: One of his classmates named Nana Kano (Sakurai Hinako) appears to be burying a dead bee. This bizarre event piques his interest in her and he starts to speak to Nano Kato. But it turns out that she is something of a polar opposite: Instead of telling others to die, she keeps telling him that she actually hungers for death. Rei Kosaka is also shocked to discover that Nano Kato has a propensity to self-harm. As they begin to learn about each other’s deepest and darkest secrets, they start to trust one another. But will the pressures of depression and family life bring them together – or tear them apart? “He Won’t Kill, She Won’t Die” is a 2019 Japanese movie that was written and directed by Kobayashi Keiichi.