First Love

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Kanna Hijiriyama (Kyoko Yoshine) was a university student who dreamed of becoming an announcer. But on the fateful day of her vocal test, her father was found stabbed to death – with Kanna Hijiriyama the apparent killer. The case captivates the public, which wants to learn more about Kanna Hijiriyama’s motives for this brutal killing. Meanwhile, Yuki Makabe (Keiko Kitagawa) is a psychologist and writer. A publisher offers her the chance to write a book about Kanna Hijiriyama, and interview her to discover why she killed her father. Yuki Makabe accepts. But when she begins preparing for the interview, she is stunned to learn that Kanna Hijiriyama’s court-appointed defense lawyer is no other than her own brother-in-law Anno Kasho (Tomoya Nakamura). The lawyer is a prickly and very direct individual – the polar opposite of his gentle brother (Yuki Makabe’s husband). What is more, she and Anno Kasho’s paths have crossed before. He warns her that Kanna Hijiriyama is a disturbed individual, and that Yuki Makabe could get hurt if she proceeds. Undeterred, Yuki Makabe goes ahead with the interview – even if doing so involves delving into the dark, both for herself and Kanna Hijiriyama. And the deeper she delves into the case, the closer her involvement with Anno Kasho becomes... “First Love” is a 2021 Japanese movie that was directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi.