The Legend of Mermaid

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The Chinese Emperor has sent a sea expedition – led by a corrupt old governor – into the sea to seek a powerful treasure. The ship’s crew consists of unruly pirate types and unscrupulous bandits. The ship finds itself adrift at sea in stormy conditions. Food has run out and they are on the verge of turning to cannibalism when a mighty dragon attacks the boat, smashing it into splinters. The loyal and righteous imperial guard Yan Lie (Liang Ting Wei) is cast overboard – and the survivors decide not to bother trying to save him aboard their makeshift. About to drown, Yan Lie is saved at the last moment by Xi Yin (Vera Qiu), a mermaid whose magical song has the power to repel the dragon. But her efforts lead her to wash up ashore on an enchanted island with Yan Lie. He manages to save her from suffocating on the shore, but the governor and his gang of ruffians have also made landfall. As they attempt to explore the island, many more surprises await. But will the bond between this righteous warrior and the world’s last mermaid help them defeat the forces of evil? “The Legend of Mermaid” is a 2020 Chinese movie that was directed by Cui Yan Long.