The Underground War

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The year is 2248 and the fate of the human race hangs on a precipice. A terrible mishap has left the surface of the planet uninhabitable and a terrible disease threatens to wipe out all survivors – who have been forced to retreat underground. The forces of good have been trying to harness the power of modern technology and artificial intelligence to save the world. Everything hinges on the experimental research carried out at a top-secret genetic research center. But one group of nefarious villains – the Black Feather Society – wants to get its hands on the research data. Led by the ruthless Mr. Dee (Ding Hai Feng), the Black Feather Society breaks into the center...only to find that the information it is after has been taken out of the center by an escaping scientist. The Society vows to hunt the scientist down and destroy her. The artificial intelligence decides to activate an elite unit known as C40 in order to defend the data. This unit has been cryogenically frozen in preparation for an emergency. Led by the valiant captain Fang Yi (Ren Tian Ye), Liu Huo (Wang Tao), and the rest of the team are woken up and dispatched to the scene of the break-in. But do they really have what it takes to stop Mr. Dee and his gang of cut-throats? “The Underground War” is a 2021 Chinese movie that was directed by Zhen Zhang.