Happy Together

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Yoo Jin (Jo Yoon Hee) is a young art student and aspiring sculptress. She lives with her mother Jeong Im (Kim Chung). Many years ago, Jeong Im reluctantly divorced her husband due to an incident she would rather forget. Yoo Jin has found love with a fellow art student named Byeong Seok (Kim Dong Wook). Yoo Jin is happy with her boyfriend, although she dislikes the fact that he works part-time at a “host bar” to earn enough money to get by. Yoo Jin is worried that her mother is getting older and unhappier by the day – so she decides to encourage her to start dating again. To inspire her to do this, she buys her mother a sex toy as a birthday gift. Unexpectedly, Jeong Im is reunited with Seung Rok (Jung Seung Ho), her first love from some two decades ago. Yoo Jin encourages her mother to date Seung Rok. But this newfound happiness is thrown into doubt when Byeong Seok learns that Jeong Im is meeting Seung Rok. He knows something that perturbs him greatly – to the point where he is prepared to take drastic action. What is the secret he has uncovered? And will it put an end to love for all four of them? “Happy Together” is a 2007 South Korean movie that was directed by Kim Tae Hee.