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There was a time when Jang Chul Min (So Ji Sub) would spend his days dreaming of becoming an all-star MMA fighter. As a boxer, Chul Min trained hard and fought even harder, but no matter how much work he put in, he never managed to catch a break. With that life now nothing but a distant memory, Chul Min has stopped dreaming. Spending his days delivering water and his nights working as a parking lot attendant, Chul Min might have been trapped in his dreary, dream-less life forever, had fate not decided to bring Ha Jung Hwa (Han Hyo Joo) into his life.  Involved in an accident years ago, Jung Hwa has been slowly losing her eyesight ever since, but that has never once put a damper on her cheerfully bright disposition. However, the impairment to her vision does occasionally land her in awkward situations, like the one that brings Chul Min into her life. Not realizing he was not the usual attendant, Jung Hwa joins him in his booth to watch television and in so doing, changes both of their lives forever. Slowly allowing each other into their lonely lives, Chul Min and Jung Hwa find life becoming so much sweeter than either ever imagined it could be. But their new love is put to the test when Chul Min makes a horrifying discovery. In the harsh light of the truth, will their tender love wither before it’s even had a chance to bloom? A touching story of life and love, “Always” is a 2011 South Korean drama film directed by Song Il Gon.