Fengshen: Painting Saint's Back

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In the last years of the Shang Dynasty, a mighty warrior by the name of Wu led the gods to victory against a powerful foe. After using the God Brush to defeat his enemies, the warrior retreated to the mountain forests where he and his brush slowly faded into legend. For thousands of years, the brush remained hidden, until it was accidentally discovered by another bearing the name of Wu. Commissioned by the Tang Dynasty’s Emperor Xuang Zong (He Zhong Hua) to restore an ancient divine painting, famous painter Wu Dao Zi (Gong Xiao Jun), begins the arduous task. As he works to restore the ancient masterpiece, the unthinkable happens: the divine painting goes missing. Desperate to find the missing masterpiece, Dao Zi begins a search that leads him on a journey unlike any he could have possibly imagined. As if guided by fate, Dao Zi stumbles upon the powerful God Brush and accidentally uncovers a long-planned conspiracy that could change the fate of the world forever. With the fabled brush in hand, does this mighty warrior’s ancestor have what it takes to stand for good in the face of growing evil? An action-packed tale of good versus evil, “Fengshen: Painting Saint’s Back” is a 2021 Chinese fantasy film directed by Qin Kai.