Where the Truth Lies

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South Korea is rocked in 1997, when a college student is found apparently stabbed to death in the restroom of a fast food chain in the Itaewon District of the capital, Seoul. The district is popular among Americans and other foreigners due to its proximity to a large United States Army base. The case is particularly hard for both the police and public prosecutors to crack: Before the student was found dead, he was seen having an argument with other young men. Two Korean-American friends – Robert Pearson (Jang Geun Suk) and Alex “AJ” Jung (Shin Seung Hwan) – were seen going into the restroom shortly before the body was discovered. They had also been handling a knife at the table they had been sitting at. The investigators consider both to be suspects. But the case gets even harder to solve when Robert Pearson and Alex Jung claim that they are innocent – and blame one another for the killing. It falls to the quick-witted Prosecutor Park (Jung Jin Young) to try to determine who is telling the truth. Will he help bring the killer to justice – and help the innocent man walk free? This movie was based on a true story. “Where the Truth Lies” is a 2009 South Korean movie that was directed by Hong Ki Seon.